About us

Bang on! Resourcer.
Welcome to Resourcespoint(RP).- A platform for all “Resourcers”- givers and takers.

My domain Resourcespoint (RP) was born on 14th July 2004 and is launched for you all today. So please don’t take it as an initial start-up. I have been consistently working on it since then. Finally, it has reached a stage where it can share and grow being with you all.

Initially, I launch the start-up with articles and my 360-degree focus will be on improvement with your feedback. My dream and complete focus is on information and resources.

My undoubted conviction goes in tune with me that it will bring positive addons’ in your life.

As we progress for 5G our lives are complete with the click of a button. As we unfold Google for all our queries RP will play its role and smoothen the search process for us all.

RP will join cores of people in sharing resourceful information in diverse categories connected with everyday life.

We want to “have a horizon” at RP. This is our future vision and we will cover miles by adding on to the tool.

RP is a global platform for sharing resources in diverse fields. Subjects which deal with smart work to give us desired results.

RP is a platform where people can share their experience with the resources they are using every day and these resources are useful and a necessity for our lives. A one and all platform for all solutions to useful resources.

Friends, I am Charan Sinha – the mind behind RP. The thought behind RP was to help you provide information about resources on the internet in an easy and time-saving mode. I thought of sharing my technical mind with you all so that we all can find means to grow and develop with new resources and techniques.



Technology has touched all lives especially after so many changes the world views. Right from demonization to so much more that we are going to enter 5G. Internet is no more a taboo and with so many free Wi-Fi zones across the globe, life is all techno savvy and man is gadget friendly.

Gadgets have become man’s best friends today. No doubt. So please feel free to share your reviews relating to the gadgets and tools that you have experienced (live) with the world.

RP is peoples’ platform and all the resources here are for you.