The Power of Rescripting Astro Psychology

Power of rescripting Astropsychology


 The science of energy in an individual:

Ever since time immemorial, the pattern of our life has been guided by the Energy of Cosmos trapped in our cells, DNA, and neurons at the time of birth.

The planetary confluence at the time of birth imparts an energy frequency in our body which vibrates at the tune of this frequency.
Different aspects of our personality are shaped by this Cosmic energy which is a mix of the Energy generated by 9 Celestial bodies of this Universe, viz –
Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

How powerful is the influence of this energy on the human body:

The influence of the Energy of the Celestial bodies on human life is so powerful that virtually it occupies the driver’s seat in our life. We think, but the thought waves are a way of expressing the planetary energy at any given moment of time.

The effective power of these energies on our Psychology:

The Psychologies of –

  • Success / failure, love/ hate, fear/ courage ,
  • Flexibility and adjustment/rigidity and uncompromising attitude,
  • Humbleness/ arrogance,
  • Accepting responsibility with pleasure / considering responsibility as burden,
  • Strong/ weak belief system,
  • Spirituality/lack of spirituality,
  • High/ low confidence,
  • High/low moral values,
  • Feelings  of  respect/disrespect in relationship

And all other psychological aspects are the resultant of the Cosmic Energy at birth time.

The Psychology of our Patterns:

Cosmic Energy in the entire lifetime of a person’s life along with the trapped energy shapes the response pattern of a person under different situations.

“The Psychology and Response pattern results into action, which results in reactions from the interactive persons/situations”.

“This reaction shapes our destiny at any given moment of time. Hence, this energy is in total control of our destiny”.

 What is Astrology:

Astrology is the science which reveals the trapped energy pattern at the time of birth and future energy pattern in the life cycle of a human being.
If the planetary energy in someone’s birth chart is malefic, during the Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Sukshma Dasha of that planet; the Astrological House and the psychological patterns pertaining to that house starts manifesting Subconscious Sabotage Syndromes which results in failure in those aspects of the life which are in the realm of that particular house.

Like a guided missile our thought waves bombard the highways of our happiness.

Synchronicity with Cosmic Energy is lost, neurons become strained, and decisions of life becomes wrong.

Do we have the power to control our destiny:

 Wrong decisions result in actions in wrong track which leads to the station of failure. The direction to our destiny in any sphere of our life is revealed by the trapped energy patterns which are released during a time zone which could be interpreted by Astrology.
Having understood the role of the planetary energy in our life, the Million Dollar Question Is “Whether the control of our destiny is in the hands of our trapped energy patterns i.e on planetary energy or we are the drivers of the vehicle of our destiny.”

In a generalized way, our trapped energy patterns will lead us to the direction of our destiny as per the Cosmic Plan.

How to release the trapped energy of planets:

The only way to come out of the trapped energy of malefic planetary confluence is by releasing the deep-seated malefic energy and replacing it with benefit energy of the planets.

What is the role of the power of Rescripting Astro Psychology here:

“Rescripting Astro Psychology” is the Innovative Technique which rescripts the deep-seated energy patterns and hence, the associated psychological aspects of our personality.

The revitalized energy patterns will result in a positive shift in our:

  • Various personality aspects,
  • Our neurons will be relaxed,
  • Thought molecules will get connected with the Energy of Super Conscious Intelligence,
  • Decisions will be perfect,
  • Devotion to work will be total,
  • Belief system will be rock solid,
  • Actions will be intense,
  • And success will be achieved.



The Power of Rescripting Astro Psychology is the blessing of the divine energy. It is decoding of the code of Happiness and Success by an integrated approach of Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing.
Whenever an opportunity for being a participant of this Training comes in our life, it needs to be availed in order to become THE MASTER OF OUR OWN DESTINY and REDEFINE YOUR LIFE.