Unique “Rescripting Astro Psychology” technique first time in the world.

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Unique “Rescripting Astro Psychology” technique first time in the world which can change your life positively.


Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing is the Technique to create the Rhythmic pattern in the Energy field of a person by systematically taking care of all the Haphazard patterns produced by the interplay of malefic Cosmic configurations.

It is the Ultimate Technique to achieve synchronicity of your energy pattern with that of the Cosmos and the outer interactive world.

It is the Ultimate Technique of inner Transformations and be a winner in the outer world.

What is Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing?

It is a Unique and innovative Training Program of the Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development Jaipur, India.

This Innovative Training Program has been conceptualized and developed by me- Padam Nabham Sharma, Chief Mentor, and Motivator, Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur.

A brief about the inventor:

P. N. Sharma

I am Shri Padam Nabham Sharma a Reiki Grand Master, Jyotish Visharat from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, Cosmic Consciousness Module Innovator and Master Trainer.

This unique Training Program ventures into providing life solutions by Transforming the planetary energy pattern which gets entrapped into his/her(referring to an individual) or cells and DNA as per the planetary configuration at the time of birth.

Where was the concept developed?

The Concept of this Program was developed in Sacramento, California, USA between July and September 2016 when I (Shri Padam Nabham Sharma) went there to take Astrology classes.

In one of the Astrological seminar, Swami Indra Vijay Narayanji Maharaj of Hari OM Radha Krishna temple who is a famous Astrologer asked me, whether the knowledge of Reiki, NLP, Cosmic Consciousness Module can be used to solve Astrological problems of a person.

The output of the discussion:

This discussion laid the foundation of the concept of Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing.

The Rescripting Astro Psychology Program is based on the following:

1) The planetary energy is cosmic energy 


2) We are a part of the Cosmos 

3) The type of cosmic energy we receive at the time of birth lays the foundation of our behavioral pattern regarding different aspects of life.

4) The twelve Astrological Houses in a Birth Chart depict the entrapped energy pattern of a person at the time of birth. Interpretation of this energy pattern will reveal the behavior of a person in different aspects of life.

5) The success of a person in various spheres of life depends on self-esteem and confidence, oriented decision making capacity, persistent efforts, sense of responsibility, ability to deal with pressure situations and failure, emotional stability, flow of Universal Energy in a natural way and many other psychological responses which can be judged by Astro-Psychological analysis.

6) If malefic planets are placed in the Astrological chart, the energy will be chaotic, thought pattern will be impersistent and failure will be achieved. 

Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing will Rescript the energy pattern in success mode. The changed energy pattern will change the thought process, perception, and action: and Success will be ensured.


Cosmic synchronicity is a point where the inner energy is in phase unity with Cosmic Energy. This is a magical point where entire energy of same bandwidth converges and a series of energy waves are created, which automatically search through waves of same amplitude and wavelength. This triggers a chain of cosmic actions and meaningful coincidences are generated between the energies which are in Cosmic sync.

Opportunities are created and fortune factor is enhanced. Apart from this, the thought process becomes channelized resulting into highly enhanced decision power and action with commitment and direction.

The combination of all these factors makes the success a reality.