How to search for authentic professional SEO services over the web?

professional SEO services
professional SEO services

Authentic and Professional SEO Services

What actually is it?

It is an “An Investment” which is returned with an interest in the business. Apparently you feel like you are spending money to get the professional SEO services, but actually, when you get these services you make an investment.

Later on, this investment proves to be very beneficial for you. This is the reason that you must be very careful while choosing the service provider for search engine optimization.

You should try to find a genuine, authentic and reliable company.

 There are some factors that you must keep in mind when you find the online SEO service providers.

A well-recommended step by step process for choosing  professional SEO services:

Step No. 1

The best way to do it is that I recommend you to establish, sit down with your team, with your CEO, with your executive team, your board, whoever you’ve got, and figure out the goals you’re trying to achieve with SEO.

Why do you want to do SEO?

Why do you want to rank organically for the keywords?

Then, figure out how you’re going to judge success versus failure.

In this process, there are two major aspects: the good goals and bad goals.

A.The Good goals for a company- Some particular thoughts you have in your mind when you have these good goals are:

  1. The key idea that strikes anyone is that I want to get in front of a lot of people who are researching on this topic.

So we need traffic from these specific groups who perform searches for this. Great thought indeed!

  1. A motivational factor we work upon is that we’re trying to boost downloads/free sign-ups/free trials. Again a fine goal.
  2. Another key factor is that we’re trying to boost revenue. We’re trying to boost it through new sales. SEO is a sale driving channel. Fine, great thought again.
  3. We all drive on the sentiments and therefore we’re trying to boost sentiment for our brand. Maybe, if you googled some of our branded terms today, there are some poor reviews. Yet, there are lots of good reviews that rank below them. We want to push the good reviews up and the bad reviews down.

You know a lot of people are researching your brand or branded terms.

These are all good the goals that you and your entire team might have the focus on. Well, you can keep adding to them with time and trends.

B.Now we come to another key factor the Bad goals:

  1. The demon hunger for traffic-We just wants traffic and more traffic. A terrible, terrible goal. Well, traffic is not a goal in and of itself. If you say, “Well, we want more traffic because we know search traffic converts well for us and here are the statistics on it,” fine, terrific. Now it’s a revenue-driving thing. Meaningful revenue driven organic traffic is the key here.
  2. A big, big myth is- Rankings alone. Unfortunately, this is a vanity thing that many people have where they want to rank for something simply because they want to rank for it.

This is usually a bad sign for SEO companies considering clients. You shouldn’t have that on your goals list. That’s not a positive goal. 

  1. Beating a particular competitor out for specific keywords or phrases. Again, it is not a great goal. It doesn’t drive directly to revenue. Nor does it drive directly to organizational goals.
  2. Vanity metrics. I still see people who are saying, “Hey, does anyone know great SEO companies that can help bring our domain authority up or our Majestic trust flow up or, worst of all, our Google Page Rank up?”

Well, Google dropped Page Rank years ago. It’s terrible. Vanity metrics is a bad idea too.

Strategies used:

Some of the providers also use negative techniques. However, these strategies work for a very short time and eventually you come to know about their reality. Therefore, this point is of utmost importance that you keep an eye on the search engine optimization tactics that are employed by the service providers.

Step No. 2

Now the next step is that once you have a list of these good goals that you’re aiming to optimize for, you should assemble a list of three to five. You can do more if you have the bandwidth to evaluate more, but three to five, at least, for consultants or agencies. These could be by a bunch of criteria.

You might say, “Hey, look we really need someone in our region so that we can meet with them in person or at least someone who can fly to us on a regular basis.” Maybe that’s a requirement for you. Or you might say, “That’s not important. Remote is great. “Well remote today means connecting well through Skype or social media via internet. It’s working remotely away from a physical office, but no compromise on goals.

“Fine, wonderful. You might say something like, “Our price range or our budget is this particular thing.”

You want to find whatever those criteria are and make sure you’ve got a list of three to five folks that you can consider against one another.

Have some conversations with them and dig into references.

 Record Tracking:

The foremost thing is that you should check out their track record. It is no big deal these days with the advent of the internet to know about the company’s reputation. You can get the help of various search engine optimization web forums and inquire about the professional services that are offered by a particular company.

You can ask about the reliability of their services and about the satisfaction of their customers. If you find a positive review about the company then you should definitely go for it. But before that, you should consider some of the other factors as well.

Some reliable Good sources to track professional SEO services:

  • Your friends/ personal networks /professional networks.
  • Similar non-competitive (friend) companies.

If you’re, in a B2B space or in an e-commerce space and there’s a non-competitive e-commerce company whom you’re friendly with, you can probably build those relationships.

You should certainly already have those relationships. Talking to those folks about whom they use and whether they were successful, is a great way to find some good people who can target the good goals with revenue.

  • Industry insiders.

Not to forget to follow up the industry insiders or the key contributors through social media channels. If you’re following or watching Whiteboard chances are good that you follow some great SEO people on Twitter. It is a very popular network for SEO’s, or read SEO blogs. You can always reach out to some of the influential insiders with whom you have developed a relationship. Or whose opinion you really like – care about and ask them who they would recommend.

A set of Good questions to ask SEO companies before you hire professional SEO services:

  • What process/processes are you going to use to accomplish our goals? Why do you use those particular processes? 
  • Ask them about their communication and reporting process. How often do they do it? What metrics do they report on? What do they need you to collect for them? Why do they collect those particular metrics? How do those match up to your goals and how do they align them?
  • What work and resources will you have to commit internally as a team? You should know that before you go into any arrangement, as it could get very complex. By the way, SEO usually requires some intensive resource allotment. So you should do is that always plan for that ahead of time.
  • What do you do when things aren’t working? I love asking that question, and I like asking for specific examples of when things haven’t gone right and what they’ve done to fix that in the past and work around it.

Step No. 3

My personal suggestion is that choose on these four key things which drive you for professional SEO services:

  1. Trust:

The trust that you have established with a company. This can be through references, through the conversation, through people that you’ve talked to in your network.

  1. Referrals:

Through referrals. If you hear great referrals and you trust those referral sources that are a wonderful signal to go for.

  1. Communication:

Through communication style match. It is an important factor which binds the client company and business deal. Even if everything else is good going and terrific, but when you have conversations with them, you walk away from them feeling a little frustrated in some way or the other, maybe you got the things you needed, but it didn’t flow smoothly, I would suggest that maybe that’s a cultural mismatch and you should look for another provider in the long and short run.

  1. Price and Contract:

Price and contract structure. Almost all SEO firms have a contract structure that’s month-to-month and that has a certain length of time. You should expect to pay some upfront payment and then some ongoing monthly fee. There’s usually a time at which the payment will recur and the contract will renew. It’s pretty similar to a lot of other services.

PRO TIPS for professional SEO services:

  1. The Level of SEO need in your company:

The Level of SEO directs your strategy. If SEO needs to be a core competency at your company, bring it “in-house”. An agency or consultant can never do as much with as many resources, with as much communication, as someone in-house can do. Starting with a consultant externally and then bringing someone in-house is a fine way to go to reach your good goals.

  1. Your budget will decide your effective strategy:

We all want quality work with minimum investment. If the quality SEO folks that you’re considering are too pricey, my suggestion might be to say, “Okay, how about you just advise us on the work, and we’ll hire an in-house person, maybe who’s more beginner-level and you coach that person?” That can work well, again especially if you do not have that budget to bring that person in-house initially.

  1. Do you have the budget and the energy to really commit yourself to SEO now:

Or is it your cup of tea initially! Remember that SEO is not for everyone when you start initially. SEO is extremely competitive. So practically speaking, a lot of the time, if you can’t afford yet to do SEO or to engage in it seriously, it may not be all that valuable to go from ranking on page five for a lot of your key terms to page two or the bottom of page one.

Until and unless you have the budget and the energy to really commit yourself to SEO, it might be a channel you consider later down the road. Remember it is a long-term good goal.

Last but not the least:

It is a known fact that there must be a great traffic flow on the website if you want it to have a significant presence over the web. However, that is not the only factor and it is also important for the traffic to keep on translating to the leads of business. There is no predesigned search engine optimization packages that provide you a deal of effective services. Rather you have to check out different SEO professional service providers thoroughly and then decide which company to choose.

First of all, you have to “list the measurable good goals that are required for your business”. After that, you have to start the search for the right professional service providers who make it sure that they would not disappoint you. If you are new to the field, then initially you face some difficulties while hiring the SEO service providers. But later on, you become familiar with all these things and services. Then gradually things shape up to become smooth sailing.

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