What is TweetDeck and How to use it?


TweetDeck is a completely free web tool .It is also one of the popular social media management tools on the web, widely used by people and business to run their social media presence. It is a highly specialized and comprehensive way to manage multiple twitter accounts.

What is TweetDeck all about?

You can add columns for tweets, @mentions, etc and easily see tweets from people you follow in real time and easily interact with followers. This saves the time and energy required to sign in to separate accounts and do the posts individually for each account.

Why use TweetDeck

What is TweetDeck and why should one use it-It is simple, straight forward tool for social media power packed users.

One can add as many columns as you want and rearrange them according to importance.

 Features and how to use:

What is TweetDeck are what are the breakdown features and how to use them.

Listed below are the features:

What is tweetdeck?

  1. Unlimited number of columns:

 One can add as many columns for the different number of profiles one has on TweetDeck.

This is one of the most powerful features of TweetDeck. One can customize the columns according to relevance and use.

One can add a new column in TweetDeck by clicking on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the left-hand menu. The screen will pop up which allows you to choose the type of columns.

The types of columns one can add are:


  • Home:

This is the home page or the normal tweet stream on Twitter.com/ TweetDeck.com. It shows tweets from everyone you follow.

  • Search:

One can input any search term or (#) hashtag. This column will display all matching results.  This is one great way to monitor Twitter for keywords.

  • Notifications:

This shows up all mentions, replies, retweets, favorites and new followers for a Twitter account. One can find all interactions, like people tweeting at or following you.

  • Messages:

All of your direct messages show in this column. One can double-click a message to view its contents and send a reply.

  • Activity:

This shows more activity than appears on your timeline i.e. the stream of actions being performed by users you follow, such as when they follow someone, favorite a tweet, or add someone to a list.

  • Followers:

This displays a running list of people who follow your account.

  • Mentions:

It is similar to notifications, but only displays tweets that contain your Twitter handle.

  • Messages:

This displays a Twitter account’s direct messages.

  • Mentions (all accounts):

This column displays the mentions and replies to every Twitter account one has connected to  TweetDeck.

  • Messages (all accounts):

This column displays direct messages to all the Twitter accounts you have connected to TweetDeck.

  • User:

This column shows up all the tweets from a particular person/account.

  • Favorites:

This column shows up the tweets you have favorited/ starred

  • Trending:

This shows hashtags(#), words and phrases that are trending at any given time on a particular day.

  • Lists:

This column displays all the tweets from people in specific Twitter lists. One can choose any existing Twitter list when one sets up an account with the app or on Twitter.com/Tweetdeck.com

  • Collections:

This column displays tweets that have been added to a collection. Or here one has the option to curate a list of tweets for the world to see.

  • Likes:

A running list of everything one has liked on Twitter.

  • Scheduled:

See all the tweets one has scheduled for future dates with time. Any scheduled tweets that have yet to be sent will appear here. The tweet will disappear from the column when the scheduled time arrives.

If one adds a column, one can customize it too. E.g. a column showing Twitter list about people who discuss social media.

How can one customize columns?

One can do it just by clicking on the symbol in the top right-hand corner of the column. Here extra instructions are added.

Click on ‘content’-the following options pop up:

  • All tweets
  • Tweets with images
  • Tweets with links.
  • Tweets with any media
  • Tweets with videos
  1. Schedule posting:

This is a feature which is very convenient if you don’t have time to be on social media all day, one can create a column for the scheduled tweets to be posted at a later date and time.

How can one do it?

Just click the ‘new tweet’ button in the top left-hand corner.

Write the tweet. Add image/images.

Click scheduled tweet.

Scroll down to see a calendar to choose a date and time.

Once a date and time are chosen click on the blue ‘tweet on’ (date)button.


The scheduled tweet will be sent on that date and time irrespective of whether one is online or offline.

Note: In order to keep a track of the scheduled tweets, add a column for scheduled tweets to check them.

  1. Notifications and Alerts:

There are some tweets from our favorite people and some from important people from the business point of view which we don’t want to miss.


How can one do it?

  • One can do it using a specific hashtag.
  • Set a pop-up or audio alert within that column.
  • Enable it in the browser.

By doing this one will not miss important and favorite tweets.

  1. Global filters:

One can get rid of unwanted updates in the columns by filtering out the text content. E.g. add “#abc” as a filter. This will prevent the tweets with a hashtag(#) from showing up.


Filter the results. 

  • Click Content to filter by information in the tweet. Such as certain words or media.
  • Click Usersto filter out users whose tweets you don’t want to see.

Or to select results in a particular language.

  • Click Engagementsto filter by the amount of replies, likes, or retweets.


How can one Mute words or Users on TweetDeck?

One can do this in two ways:

  1. Click on the three dots under the tweet of the user: One can mute users directly from their tweets by clicking the three dots under the tweet of the user and selecting ‘Mute in TweetDeck’.
  2. More options: Go to the Settings menu and select ‘Mute’.

Here, you can mute users (e.g. a particular account), text content (e.g. a hashtag (#) or a particular word) or a source (e.g. a horoscope bot).In short mute words, hashtags, users or tweet sources

This option of being able to mute users and key terms helps one to manage Twitter stream more efficiently. One doesn’t need to unfollow somebody who is great most of the time, but really annoying at times, and one can get rid of spammy bots or annoying auto-tweeters by muting them at the source.

  1. Post to multiple accounts:

One can post messages across multiple twitter accounts. TweetDeck highlights the profile picture of the specific icon one is posting from.

Last but not the least: 

Thus what is TweetDeck? The above features fully satisfy us that it is a wonderful app to overcome some of the limitations of Twitter and a great social media marketing tool for the business purpose. No need to be 24*7 on the app to tweet and retweet. Just use all the features one wants intelligently and go on.

Visit: Tweetdeck website