Business opportunity with no startup cost

business opportunity

Business the backbone of a strong economy and the prime source of income for a country. As technology rules, all sectors business opportunity with no start up cost is taking up at the rate of 4G.

What all the innovative and passionate business minds need is to explore innovative ways with no start up cost or very minimal investment.

How to go about these startups and ideas about business opportunity with no start up cost

  • It is all a matter of time and moving:

With, For and By the people especially with the CG- Current Generation.

Current Generation is vital here as they cover a major part of the growing population.

  • If you want to grow you should be updated with the changing minds.
  • If you want to be successful take Risks to explore with new ideas of business that comes up.

Dare to Explore and Execute.

Although it may take some time to get viral, but if it clicks peoples’ mind it will become a super business idea. And in no time copy cats will be spreading internationally around the globe.

All you need is your Purpose behind the idea and the Profitability is unimaginable with your 3 P’s-Principle, Practice and Planning.

“I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.”

– Retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

As we start with the series of the business opportunity with no start up cost. We will shoot up with new ideas.

 To begin with, we start with voice selling.

Voice selling

How do you know you are for this industry?

  • Your voice is praised so you thought to use it in your favor.
  • If you are the one everyone salutes for a speech.
  • If you know how to breathe, how to pause, how to keep your voice clear and healthy.
  • If you know how to modulate the tones of your voice, how to control the pitch.
  • If you attract people with your voice this voice selling the business is for you.

How to start and make money?

 Thanks to the internet for the online voice agencies that anyone can join.

There is much voiceover work online. You should have an idea of how the business works.

Previously only a few actors and personalities could get work. Now anyone having the internet can download the software on the computer and start with their microphone. The quality of the microphone should be good.

Some basic questions that come up are:

  • What sort of work can you get as a voice artist?
  • How to earn through your voice through websites?

How to make a start?

  • Download the free editing software.
  • Login to internationally working website – and many others.

Anyone in the world can get work through these websites.

Work like all kinds of audio projects like cartoon, ads, and documentaries can be found here.

What Kinds of Work Are Available

A voice artist can toast or lend his voice to many:

  • A Model or an artist in a Commercial like a business owner, housewife, professional etc.
  • Puppets in a puppet show
  • Animated characters in Animation/Cartoon in cartoon characters
  • Mobile/Video game characters
  • TV/Radio advertisements
  • Audio books/E-Books
  • Voice gigs for bloggers
  • Gigs with the Private sector/Government sectors(mostly professionals do it)


Ads could be for TV or Radio.

There are three options here.

  • BSF-Basic Studio Fee (BSF) for the recording.
  • Or
  • A Buy–out: This is becoming very popular nowadays. A one-off charge will be paid to the seller, regardless of the number of times and the place where the voice is used.
  • Or
  • A BSF for the recording and Royalty for every time the ad is aired.

Buy-outs are becoming very popular now as the competition is tough among artists. The client wants to lock the budgeted ad campaign at the given cost.

Freelancers get a platform and money easily in a short time. They can even carry with their other commitments as they are not hooked to one campaign or job.

TV ads pay more than Radio. In case the radio is national or international then maybe the payments can be good enough.


Thanks to the internet for there are new and small cartoon series coming up almost every day. These small companies hunt for voice artists or voices which they can afford. This makes the work of the freelancer or new voice artist easier. As the artists get a platform and the companies their talent and all within their budget.

Moreover, if you can pitch your voice as heavy or light or funny or sad or happy with all shades of emotions you become a versatile voice artist in cartoons/games/animation.

Here again, you are either paid series wise or you get royalties for a popular cartoon series.


These documentaries could be for a wide range of subjects and wide media. As like T.V, Radio, Cinema, Online, etc. All you need to do is have a good, clear and interesting style that will keep people engaged to listening to your documentary. They don’t switch in between.


This has become a humungous market. As the internet and mobile industry has grown so has this industry developed. If you have are a good, clear reader with variations in voice and accent this job is for you.


As the mobile has captured the market so has the automated voice service.

When you call a bank or a call center you hear some recorded voice like “press 1 for a”/ “press 2 for b”/ “press 3 for c”. These are recorded by someone.

Similarly announcements in some public places like trains/railway stations/metro/metro stations/bus stands/etc. All are recorded.

All you need is a good clear voice and the art to speak in a monotonous way and a steady manner so that they can be cut where required.

We will continue our series of business opportunity and business opportunity with no start up cost. Stay tuned with us.