Dive Into the Depths of Meditation


Into the depths of our Mind

In today’s fast-paced world Peace of mind, perhaps is what the heart desires the most. But all you need to do is to look within. The answer is “Practice Meditation”.

Meditation comes from Meditatio – a Latin word. It means to think/devise/contemplate. The actual practice differs with belief. An individual singularly focuses on training the mind to a particular end.

“Scientific research on meditation clearly indicates that brain circuits important for the regulation of attention and emotion can be altered by meditation practice.  Richard J.Davidson

“Meditation is a deep sleep with an awareness that allows us to be more functional in our day-to-day life”. – Dinesh Kashikar – AOL

The spine should be erect during meditation:

There is an upward movement of energy within you or a surge of energy within you.So it is best and must to keep your spine in a vertical position.This position gives optimum results.

Meditation Tips:

There are some Simple meditation techniques to help a beginner. The Tips are so simple, yet very effective to have a deep silent experience:

  1. Choose a convenient time and place and a fixed time and place
  2. Sit comfortably with a light stomach or empty stomach; probably 2-3 hours gap after a meal
  3. Start with some warm-up exercises, deep breaths this will make your feel lighter
  4. Smile and smile and smile

How to meditate:

In order to draw the best benefits from your meditation. Please ensure that you follow the guidelines stated below:

  1. Choose a clean, distraction-free spot or room in your home.

An exception being that- though you can do it sitting in your chair at the office during lunch hour, too!

If it is at home, it is better not to use this space for any other activity.

This has a scientific reason as space develops a powerful aura of cosmic energy.

  1. Make sure the lighting is soothing and the ventilation sufficient – and the noise levels under control and no noise is best.
  2. You can listen to guided meditations, but it is better to start with a group.

Group meditation is very powerful.

  1. Meditate at the same time every day, so it becomes a sustainable routine. Early morning is an optimal time for optimal connectivity with self and divine.
  2. Start small. Don’t overdo it. Start by meditating for 10-15 minutes. Keep a timer.
  3. Keep the disturbing elements in silence mode.

Shut up – the cell phone. Tell your family you are on Do Not Disturb mode for a short spell of time, till your meditation is over.

  1. Comfortability in mind comes from comfortability in clothes and comfortability in surroundings.

So wear comfortable clothes, preferably of natural fabric. Loose fitting cotton clothes are the best outfit.

Types of Meditation:

  1. Focused attention:
  • Seeks to enhance concentration
  • 100% focus on particular goal
  • Constant mental effort but effortlessly
  1. Mindfulness:
  • Allowing the mind to roam free
  • Being aware of what is happening around
  • Non-judgmental third-person perspective
  1. Effortless transcending:
  • Emptying the mind
  • The mind becomes silent and blank
  • Helps the mind become aware of the deep state of consciousness

Benefits of Meditation:

The benefits are infinite as infinite as the sky, yet we can list a few:

  • Boosts concentration
  • Lowers stress &anxiety
  • Triggers happiness
  • Boosts creativity
  • Enhances mental stability & strength
  • Builds personality and character
  • Improves organ functioning
  • Disease resistance &treatment
  • Enhances brain activity &power
  • Controls addiction
  • Better Harmony in inter-personal relationships
  • Better Self-control
  • Freedom from Fear

Meditation Science

Meditation Science:

It is a branch of science that studies the psychological and physiological effects of meditation.

MRI and EEG are used to monitor brain and bodily changes caused by meditation.

Meditation Techniques:

  1. Shoonya Meditation:

This is an effortless process of conscious non-doing. It is an antidote to stimulate the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks. Thus it leads to a deep sense of inner well-being.

  1. Sahaj Samadhi Meditation:

This is a “mantra meditation” that can be done in 20 minutes. When attention goes on a given mantra, the individual is able to attain a state of peace. The mantra plays the role to free the mind from repetitive thoughts.

It is a rocket science for people with anxiety and phobia.

  1. Inner Engineering Program:

This program involves “shambhavi mahamundra kriya”. A  powerful energy purifying technique that uses the breath.

The practice aligns your entire system to ensure that your body, mind, and emotions function in harmony with each other. It boosts up productivity and efficiency.

  1. Heartfullness Meditation:

This heart-based practice combines relaxation, meditation with yogic transmission, rejuvenation, and contemplation.

There are more than 7,000 heartfulness meditation trainers in 130 countries.

Amazing Session with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev:

Here are a few question and answer session conducted in an interview with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the spiritual guru. I thoroughly enjoyed this session when got a chance to dive into the divine knowledge shared by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

How often do you meditate?

“I don’t meditate. Let us say you planted a plant in your garden. If it’s a small plant, every day you have to water it. If it’s well-rooted nobody waters it. Nobody waters a tree, isn’t it? I have become an old tree”. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the spiritual guru.

Has anyone studied your brain?

“I don’t have one.(laughs)That’s why I am never burdened by it.It just reverberates with everything because it is empty”.

Courtesy Interview – The week March 12-2017

Meditation apps:

1.  Headspace:

  • It is one of the most popular meditation apps.
  • It was also ranked first in a comprehensive review of meditation apps regarding functionality and user satisfaction.      

         It goes  for:  Unlocking the universe of mindful meditation

2.  Whil: 

  • It comes with a sleek business feel to it.
  • Its primary aim is to focus on companies. And wishing to bring an extra bit of focus and happiness to the workplace.

          It goes for: The meditation app for a happy workplace

3.   Sattva:

  • It is a self-titled “Meditation Timer & Tracker”.
  • It seems to aim for more experienced and autonomous meditators.

        It goes for: A quantified experience for self-driven meditators

4.  Smiling Mind:

  •  This program aims to bring mindfulness to schools. Out of 23 apps included, this came second.

           It goes for: Taking children on a journey to the Land of Mindfulness


Every session starts by asking you to assess your mood based on three criteria: happiness, contentedness, and alertness.

 At the end of the session, you are sent back into the world “with a smile on your mind.”

  1. Stop, Breathe & Think:
  • Is simply called “Breathe” on a smartphone.
  • This app invites the user to check in by closing the eyes and dimming the screen for a few seconds.
  • Then, it invites you to assess how you feel.Try it for the feel

                It goes for: A friendly guide for beginners

Courtesy:  Medicalnewstoday

One very powerful ancient Meditation Technique:

Vipassana Meditation:

One very powerful meditation technique is Vipassana meditation.

  • It is a mindfulness meditation from the Theravada tradition.
  • It aims for the spiritual development of people of all faiths & none.
  • Vipassana Fellowship’s online meditation courses have been offered since 1997 and have proven helpful to meditators in many countries around the world.
  • The main text is based on a tried and tested format and serves as a practical introduction to samatha (tranquility) and vipassana (insight) techniques from the Theravada tradition of Buddhism.

Courtesy: Vipassana.com

There are many links to free meditation online today.

One of them is: Freemeditation.com

Last but not the least:

The “best” meditation is the meditation that works for you, at this stage in your life at this particular point in time.Dive deep into your ocean and dig deep within yourself with your journey of meditation.