New thoughts of life for the focus of mind on success

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New thoughts of life for the focus of mind on success. It is a prima facie for the human race to give up all thoughts on the negative side that will prevent their success. These thoughts deviate them from their path of success or identity.Therefore it’s vital to have a fresh breath of thoughts that flows freely to reach success – all unshakable and undeviated.

It’s foremost vital to get out of the virus thoughts rightly called as negative thoughts.

What are negative thoughts?

The negative thoughts can be-“I’m not much educated,” or “I do not have the time or the investment amount” or “I have hard luck” and many such things can happen and that can put a barrier to the unlimited power of your mind.

These all can be hurdles.

How does this thought process work?

When you start believing in these thoughts-“the thoughts of life” the limitless power with you is unobstructed. Why? The reason is that your subconscious mind is working on these positively  running thought patterns not on negatively running thought patterns.

It brings all possibilities in front of you and you start believing in those positive patterns and not on the negative patterns. Ultimately, the thought process becomes the result or outcome.

How to Beat the Defeat Cycle

The question that comes here is that many humans think positively, yet it goes unaccomplished many times.What thought of life works here?

What thought of life works here?

The simple logic for the defeat that works here is that trust should be deep within our subconscious mind.

The pattern that flows within is triggered more by the negative events. We recall and flash back on these negative patterns more easily and start associating with them.

Whereas, the positive events that happen lasts temporarily in the mind. This happens because the power of negative energy is more than the positive energy and our belief system also works the same way.

This is not the thought of life we want to achieve our dreams.the thought of life should focus o the solution and not problems.

Why is the proof required for right people?

When we are told that a particular man is wrong. We believe in it easily without and question or proofs. Here again, the power of negative is stronger than the power of positive.

Apparently, if someone says that a particular human is right we ask for proof and justification. We cannot believe in the goodness without any proof.Just see the thought of life that works here.

Which thoughts last longer in our mind?Why?

Negative thoughts last longer in our mind. These thoughts which last longer within us registers in our subconscious mind and looks for areas to execute them.

“Your negative feelings give negative power to your subconscious mind”.

“Your positive feelings give positive power to your subconscious mind”.

One has to remove all negative thought patterns from oneself. How can you do it? You have to put all your focus on what you want to accomplish in your life.

The feelings do not know what positive thought is and what negative thought is. It simply converts your thoughts into reality. And the flow of action moves in that direction.

“The world is not as it looks; the world appears as we see it in our thoughts”.
“The thought of life flows our life”.

Just analyze your past and you can see this is how it happens. So you need to change your thoughts today in order to make a fresh start and give a new turn to your life.

Some humans find it very tough or think that it is not possible. It is all bookish knowledge.

If this is how things are then you better know that this is also just a thought which is ruled by your feelings or subconscious mind by the thought pattern created by your past experiences.

All you have is your reference to the past. It has no present reference as the present moment is going on.

The mind picks up past reference and takes you into the future. It manifests all those results which have not yet happened. All is based on your past experience.

By now you must have understood that the power of your thoughts is like “atomic energy”. If you want you can use it to destroy the world or do good for the world. This energy will work with full power everywhere.

How powerful is our focus?

The power of the mind is like the rays of the Sun. These rays warm up the areas wherever they touch. The Sun’s rays are widespread. It is only when we focus these rays on any object (i.e. paper, grass, hay etc.) we are able to create fire there.

Just understand that you are also the focus of where you are.

You need to understand where your focus is. The areas where you focus on will become important for it making it the thought of your life.

And the mind will start working on it. The mind will show the way to new possibilities in your own life from where you will build your way.

Today you have understood the mystery to the power of the mind. So now you have to focus on the solution instead of the problem.

Then you will see solutions begin to be born before you.The thought of life will change your patterns to a new thought for life.Provided “you should want it to change”it.

Hope you have understood the important part played by the power of your subconscious mind (feelings, thought).

If you have any questions, you can write me.